Engaging with the Community in Pacheco

Written by Riccardo Antonucci
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Gathering in Pacheco Gathering in Pacheco Voluntario Global

It is a great opportunity to experience social phenomena from the perspective the radio projects gave me here in Buenos Aires. 

Buenos Aires is not just the Casa Rosada, Recoleta and its wonderful parks or Plaza Italia. It is also everything that surrounds it. Among those areas around Buenos Aires, there is Pacheco: a nice built up area far from the chaos of the city centre and characterized for its green spaces. Voluntario Global has its main office in this area, where they have built a community center which is known by all as Pacheco Community.

Last Saturday, we had the possibility to be there. We moved from Plaza Italia, where we took the bus for Pacheco. It was quite a long journey, but it was a nice afternoon and the Sun followed us for the whole trip. After we step off the bus, we walked for a few minutes and then we were literally surrounded by the small houses of Pacheco, so sweet and nice to look.

Valeria welcomed us in in the center when the sun was setting and everything was ready for the fire. But first, we were introduced to the young people that works in the gardens: it is really fascinating to see how this beautiful place has been turned into an educational centre.

After they showed us their activities and the fire was set up, we sit around it and started playing games. We had to pass a ball to the person on our right while music was playing, and when it stopped the person who had to introduce him/herself. Then we played also the chair’s game and we ended eating around the fire and talking. The night was dark and cold but the fire helped us to enjoy the atmosphere and the silence on the countryside.

We are grateful to Voluntario Global who shared their space with us!


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